2019:  family groups replacing rooted. 

Last year, as the elders prayed for the Adult Ministry in our church, we believed that the Lord was leading us to create an Inter-generational Adult ministry that is focused on being Rooted in God with one another.  In February of 2018 we launched ROOTED.  However, after a year of pursuing that vision, we are making a transition.  Starting in February of 2019 we are launching Family Groups, as our new initiative for Inter-generational Ministry.  These Family Groups will  meet in homes throughout the week(Tuesday - Friday) to fellowship together and study scripture.  These groups are open to all age groups and we encourage all parents to include their children as much as possible.  Each group will decide for itself on how they handle child care.  Go to our Connect Tab to sign up for a Family Groups and a Family Group leader will contact you to invite you to come check out their group.