Our mission is to call college students to take their next step of faith in Jesus Christ.  For some this might be their first step of faith and for others it could be the next step in a long journey of faith steps; regardless we all have a next step to take following Jesus.

As a ministry of Cornerstone we try to accomplish this mission in various different ways - as listed as follows. Throughout each semester we have many events for college students - from relevant biblical teaching, to fun get togethers, retreats, and everything in between - on and off University of the Cumberlands campus. Another goal we have is to connect every student involved at Cornerstone to a smaller community of people. We accomplish this thru our weekly intergenerational family groups that meet in homes & walk thru scripture together, eat together, and encourage one another as a community. Finally we also give as many opportunities for students to be involved in missional leadership & service through out our church, on campus, and wherever we go as we want to equip this next generation to go & do likewise in Jesus mission of making disciples.

As a ministry our main focus is to help the students we are entrusted with to follow Jesus in every aspect of their life. CollegeLife is likely the most accessible place for college students to get connected to Cornerstone, join authentic community, and understand that they are not alone in their faith journey now or for years to come.

To get involved with CollegeLife or if you have any questions! 

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